Fuck the MTA

Fuck the MTA. Seriously, what other subway system has such terrible on-time rates? A train in Tsukuba, Japan once left 20 seconds early, and they issued a public apology! Now Governor "I don't run the MTA" Cuomo has stopped the L train shutdown, which has had months and months of planning, because he spent a whopping hour looking at the tunnel with a group of "engineers who don't usually work on subways" (his words).

The organization is the quintessential example of American democracy's short-sighted treatment of infrastructure. We just keep kicking the can down the road. When that tunnel collapses, or another storm knocks loose the asbestos and people start getting cancer, Cuomo will have already fucked off to brown-nosing his way into a federal position, because getting a cheap political "win" to further his career is more important than the lives of the people in this state.